The liveECG is a true 3-channel ECG Holter system. It works completely wirelessly and offers high comfort and quality of life for the patient.


  • Operation with standard batteries
  • Memory for extensive recordings over several weeks
  • High signal resolution

The liveECG is characterized by its compact, cable-free design and yet offers all the advantages of a standard 3-channel ECG screening.

  • Single-patch electrode for installation in a few easy steps and a secure hold to the patient
  • Android app provides a real-time view of the patient’s ECG
  • Detailed analysis using the supplied software (PC/MAC)
  • Battery life of more than one week
  • High-resolution 24 bit 3-channel ECG
  • High wearing comfort with a weight of approx. 30g
  • Analysis software for fast and detailed evaluation of the recordings
  • livePatch single-patch electrode
  • livetec App for simple initialization and review of the signals

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