The RF liveGEN generator is a highly efficient ablation generator for the treatment of
cardiac arrhythmias and renal denervation.


  • Can be connected to all 3D-mapping systems
  • Compatible with RF ablation catheters from the popular manufacturers
  • Unique dual bipolar ablation method for ablation between two catheter tips

The RF liveGEN generator is applicable for all common unipolar and bipolar ablation therapies. Energy up to 100W can be delivered power or temperature controlled.

  • Control of two pumps for dual bipolar ablation
  • Even high energy values are achieved almost without loss in a very short time
  • Ablation frequency of 500 kHz
  • Energy output up to 100W
  • Supports temperature measurement with thermocouple and thermistor sensors
  • Wide derating curve, constant energy output even at high impedances
  • Analog connection cable to pick up intracardiac signals directly from the catheter tip
  • Various cable sets for modular construction of the system in every laboratory
  • Compact remote control RF liveCOMMANDER

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