The RF liveGEN is a specialised high-frequency ablation generator for conducting high-frequency ablation therapies at the human heart or in the renal artery area. To carry out these RF ablation therapies, the RF liveGEN is coupled or integrated into an electrophysiological measuring station system (EPM) with specialised catheters and medical devices and components such as patient monitoring systems, electroanatomical mapping systems, cardiac stimulators, flushing pumps, etc. For this purpose, the RF liveGEN has all the necessary interfaces.

  • High-resolution 7″ color touch display
  • Modern, efficient, graphical user interface with direct access to the most essential parameters
  • Performances up to 100 W
  • Support of 2 parallel ablation catheters
  • Automatic flow adjustment (flow) according to programmable power levels
  • Compatible with common mapping and diagnostic systems
  • Can be used for high-power/short-duration ablations with outputs well above 40 W and ablation times below 20s


The RF liveGEN offers all features to meet all current requirements for RF ablation therapy. In particular, it has the following innovative features:

  • Efficient, clear user interface with a high-speed color touch display allows safe operation without training times.
  • Extended option of storing custom setups for fast storage and loading of parameters
  • Support of bipolar ablation therapies of up to 2 catheters
  • Pace & Ablate function: Optimised for simultaneous stimulation during energy delivery
  • Security: Extensive safety functions ensure optimum and permanent safety for users and patients without impairing application and therapy efficiency.
  • Connectivity: Several communication protocols for integrating the generator into different EP systems and electroanatomical mapping systems.
  • Validated for working with MR-enabled EP devices (on request)
  • Suitable for renal denervation – blood pressure treatment

The RF liveGEN is a specialised high-frequency ablation generator and has all features to meet the latest requirements for an efficient ablation system. The following overview shows the main product features of the RF liveGEN.

  • Clear graphical and numerical representation of ablation parameters
  • Operation without long training times
  • Definition of up to 15 user setups
  • Clear history display of all relevant parameters of ongoing ablation therapy
  • Language setting of the user interface
  • Optional Remote Control Control Unit (RF liveGEN Remote) for remote control of the generator (display, parameterisation, start/stop of power output, error handling identical to RF liveGEN)
  • Permanent measurement and monitoring of electrode impedance before and during energy output in the range from 20 to 999 ohms
  • Permanent measurement and monitoring of the electrode temperature of all connected catheters before and during energy output in the range from 10 °C to 100 °C. Catheters are supported according to the thermocouple principle (TC), catheter according to the thermistor principle and digital temperature measurement.
  • Permanent measurement and monitoring of the output before and during the energy release
  • Permanent display (numerically and graphically) of ablation duration, power, electrode temperature and electrode impedance
  • Monitoring of the connected neutral electrodes
  • Optional power or temperature controlled energy output

Catheter configurations-/ablation configurations:

  • Optionally uni- or bipolar ablation possible on both catheters
  • Optional bipolar ablation between 2 connected catheters possible
  • Automatic detection of catheters used with the Advantage MR system
  • Support of 2 temperature sensors per catheter connection

Neutral electrode connections:

  • Support of 2 parallel neutral electrodes
  • Support and monitoring of split and undivided neutral electrodes

Pump control:

  • Control of up to 2 pumps with bipolar ablation via 2 cooled catheters (one pump for each catheter)
  • Digital communication interface to flush pump RF liveCOOL pump for optimised control of the flush flow depending on the catheter used
  • Digital interface for controlling any flushing pumps

Plant interfaces:

  • Includes all necessary interfaces for the integration of the RF liveGEN into any electrophysiological measuring stations. Support of various interface protocols.
  • Signal input/output IECG for connection and coupling of monitoring and electroanatomical mapping systems and stimulators
  • Optimised interfaces to the RF liveCOOL pump (dish pump) and RF liveCOMMANDER Remote (Remote Control Control Unit)
  • Foot switch connection

Pace & Ablate function:

  • Support heart stimulation during energy delivery
  • Optionally on one or both catheters


  • Conform to all normative requirements
  • Additionally contains numerous and most modern self-test and monitoring functions which ensure optimum safety for users and patients.
  • Clear display of errors and warnings via status symbols and display outputs


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  • Made in Germany
  • Classification:
    • Safety class IIb as defined in Annex IX, RL 93/42/EEC
    • Application part CF according to IEC/EN 60601-1
    • Defibrillation resistance according to IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-2-2
    • Moisture protection degree: IP41
    • Prepared for MDR with tests according to the latest EMC and ESD regulations
  • Supply: Power supply, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 300 VA
  • HF performance:
    • 1 W – 100 W
    • Frequency: 500 kHz
    • Load range: 20-999 ohms
  • Maximum RF output voltage 320 Vs
  • Temperature measurement range: 10-100 °C
  • Ablation duration: 0-999 s
  • Impedance measuring range: 20-500 ohms (BIO impedance), extended up to 999 ohms via REAL impedance
  • Pre- impedance monitoring
  • Ablation forms: Bipolar, unipolar, dual bipolar between 2 catheters
  • Power and temperature controlled energy output
  • Pace& Ablate function on both catheters
  • Neutral electrode monitoring
  • Flush pump control (up to 2 pumps)
  • Dimensions: 370 x 155 x 325 mm
  • Weight: 8,3 kg
  • Patient interfaces:
    • 2 catheter connections
    • 2 Neutral electrode connections (each for undivided and divided neutral electrodes)
  • Analog interface
    • IECG signal interface to an EPM or electroanatomical mapping system (intracardial ECG of the ablation catheter)
  • Communication interfaces:
    • Foot switch connection
    • Flushing pump control
    • Communication interface to EPM systems
    • Remote control connection to RF liveCOMMANDER Remote
    • Supports shared Multiuse NE electrode (on request)
  • Contact Quality Monitoring (CQM) – Extended Measuring Range
  • Analog connection cable to access intracardial signals directly from the catheter tip
  • Various cable assemblies for modular design of the system in each laboratory
  • Compact remote control RF liveCOMMANDER
  • Catheter adapter cable to catheters of the following manufacturers:
    • MedTronik
    • Boston Scientific
    • Biosense Webster
    • Abbott
    • OSYPKA
    • Medfact
    • Other manufacturers on request
  • Interface cable for digital connection of 3D mapping systems
  • Wide foot switch – Made in Germany
  • Neutral electrodes with all common connections

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