Photography of Pace T10

The PACE T10 is an external, temporary one-chamber heart pacemaker for intracardial (transvenous) or myocardial temporary stimulation of the heart. It is intended for patient-related, possibly mobile use on the patient.

  • Defibrillation protection
  • Long battery life of over 200 hours with one battery charge
  • The backup battery system also offers capacity for up to 100 hours after discharge of the main batteries and allows a relaxed replacement of batteries even during stimulation
  • Precise and illuminated LCD touch screen
  • Patented clamping system

The Pace T10 is the first external pacemaker on the market to offer a patented touch screen system that guarantees fast, safe and easy handling without submenu. A context-sensitive display structure that changes according to the selected mode makes handling even easier. The single-chamber model Pace T10 delivers all important pacemaker modes.

  • Easy attachment of the device to the patient or to the bed using the protection cover
  • Digital precision
  • Potential-free outputs
  • Two-phase stimulation pulses incl. autohort neutralise electrical charges at the electrodes
  • Simple locking of functions against unintentional operation
  • Patented clamps with a diameter of 0,9 to 2,1 mm, protected from overturning
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection, since rotary knobs have been omitted.


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  • Modes of operation: A00, AAI, AAT, V00, VVI, VVT, 0S0, Emergency and High Rate Stimulation
  • Stimulation amplitude: 1-20 V
  • Pulse width AXX modes: 0,7 ms
  • Pulse width VXX modes: 0,5 ms
  • Pulse width High rate stimulation: 1 ms
  • Sensitivity: 0,1 mV – 20 mV
  • Pulse rate: 40-180 ppm
  • High rate stimulation: 40-1000 ppm
  • Emergency stimulation: V00/≥ 10 V/≥ 80 ppm
  • Refractory time atrium: 400 ms – 300 ms, depending on pulse rate
  • Refractory time ventricle: 250 ms
  • Run Away Protection
  • Noise detection
  • Warnings: Short circuit, open inputs, impedance, pulse rate warning, noise, EOL, self-test/system error
  • Defibrillation-protected application part of type CF.
  • Supply: 2x AA batteries, 1,5 V, 2600 mAh
  • Service life with 1 battery: >= 200 hours
  • Backup battery: 1350 mAh
  • Dimensions: Approx. 142 x 82 x 37 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 285 g
  • Protection cover
  • High-quality, restorative patient cables (manufacturer livetec Ingenieurbüro GmbH)
  • Compatible resterilisable patient cables, disposable patient cables, heart wires and inflow electrodes of FIAB)

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