The Pace T10 is a temporary single chamber pacemaker for treating cardiac arrhythmias.


  • Compact design
  • Clear user interface without submenus
  • Touch display for intuitive operation

Der Pace T10 ist zur temporären Anwendung (< 30 Tage) geeignet. Er bietet alle gängigen Einkammer-Stimulationsmodi.

  • Der Touchscreen ermöglicht eine simple und intuitive Bedienung des Geräts
  • Eine Notfallstimulation kann mit nur einem Knopfdruck gestartet werden
  • Stressfreier Batteriewechsel dank langlebiger Back-up-Batterie

The Pace T10 is designed for temporary use (< 30 days). It offers all common single-chamber stimulation modes.

  • The touch screen allows a simple and intuitive operation of the device
  • Emergency stimulation can be started with just one button
  • Stress-free battery change thanks to long-life back-up battery


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  • Stimulation modes: A00, AAI, AAT, V00, VVI, VVT, 0S0, emergency and high rate stimulation
  • Up to 20V output amplitude
  • Lifetime of up to 200 hours
  • Protection cover
  • High-quality, resterilizable patient cables
  • Disposable patient cable
  • Heart wires and alluvial electrodes

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